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Bold Red Ammolite
This is about as nice a red as they come - very intense, in-your-face color!  If you like Ammolite, you will LOVE this  pendant :-)

This brilliant stone is wrapped in 14k gold filled wire and  measures about 1 5/8" long and 5/8" wide (42 x 16 mm)

Metaphysical Properties:

Students of Feng Shui believe that ammolite absorbs the knowledge of the universe and that benefits are gained by anyone near it. The colors of ammolite represent the harmonious balance of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood.

It is said that ammolite absorbs cosmic energy through the stone, it gives the owner health, wealth, and enlightenment.  Considered a high energy stone it is said to enhance the harmony, vitality, and overall well-being of visitors and occupants of a home.

Gorgeous Green Ammolite

This particular stone flashes green in every direction, with just a hint of red in yellow to add some extra interest :-)

I have handcrafted this truly unique gemstone in 14k gold-filled wire and this creation measures just over 1 1/4" long (33 mm) and  1/2" wide (13 mm)

$74.99 sold
Ammolite, ammonite pendant, handmade Jewellery
Stunning Ammolite
Handmade jewelry featuring a large and vibrantly colored ammolite stone.

  This beauty wrapped in gold-filled wire, measures about 2 1/4" long by 1 1/2" wide (55 x 40 mm)

Rare and unique Ammolite pendant
Green ammolite handmade pendant
Valentine heart ammolite jewellery, designer pendant
Ammolite heart pendant, handmade designer gemstone jewelry
Valentine Ammolite
Beautiful, handmade jewelry featuring a large and vibrantly colored ammolite heart stone.

Reds, with a hint of yellow and green, flash across the surface of this rare gemstone expertly wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire.  This beauty measures about 2" long by 7/8" wide (50 x 23 mm)

$175.00 Sold

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Ammolite red pendant, handmade ammonite jewelry
Rem Ammolite pendant, handmade ammonite jewelry