Chrysocolla pendant wrapped in Silver wire
On this page,  you will see some of the unique, wire wrapped creations I have sold :-)

From pendants and necklaces, earrings and bracelets, all handcrafted by me using a variety of materials including Ammolite, Turquoise, Spectrolite, Pearls, Pietersite and the entire range of Agates and Jaspers - not to mention the glass and Dichroic beads!
If you like something you see, please contact me for the availability of having something custom made!

Turquoise wrapped in Silver pendant
War Eagle Jasper pendant wrapped in Gold

Blue Mountian Jasper wrapped in gold wire

Ammolite Heart Pendant wire wrapped in Gold
Gemmy Rhodochrosite pendant wrapped in gold wire
Braneau Jasper pendant wire wrapped in Gold
Spectrolite pendant wrapped in Silver with Swarovski crystals

Chrysocolla pendant wrapped in Silver and Copper wire

Cross pearls with Tourmaline beaded earrings
Glass Lampwork beads with red glass and real Hematite beaded earrings

Glass and Gemstone handmade beaded bracelet
Druzy Quartz pendant wire wrapped Gold filled wire

Citrine Heart gemstone wrapped in Gold wire
Turquoise Heart pendant wire wrapped in Copper

Citrine and Black Tourmaline beaded earrings
Handmade Dichroic glass Kiity bead wrapped in GF wire
Swiss Jasper wire wrapped in Silver & Malachite beads
Rainbow Calsilica pendant wrapped in Gold wire
Pink Peru Opal Heart handcrafted pendant wrapped in gold filled wire
Dichroic pendant wrapped in brass wire

Sold Jewelry

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Synthetic Saphire handmade gold wire frame
Synthetic Emerald wire wrapped in gold
Ruby Framed in Gold wire Pendant

Mabe pearl eye pendant wire wrapped in Silver and Gold
Shimmering Blue Hawkeye in Silver
Opal Rose Mosiac Pendant wrapped in gold

Rare Tiffany Stone Opal pendant wrapped in Silver
Ammolite wrapped in 14k gold-filled wire
Faceted Moonstone wire wrap in Sterling Silver
Looking for something specific?

Autism Awareness
AmethystAmmoliteApatiteCitrineCoralFire AgateGarnetLapis LazuliLarimarMalachite; MoonstoneOpalPearlPietersite;   Quartz;  Spectrolite; Sugilite; Turquoise,  and the entire range of Agates and Jaspers , faceted Gemstones not to mention the glass and Dichroic beads, all designed and wire wrapped by me into a wearable work of art including Heart   and Cat jewelry!

Now offering "Trees of Life " pendants and check out my Bargains page!

Jasper beads on copper earrings
Autumn hued glass and gemstone handmade bracelet
Lapis Lazuli handcrafted using gold filled wire

Alexandrite wire wrapped jewelry
Red Coral handmade heart pendant
Emerald pendant wrapped in wire

wired kitty face handmade pendant
Topaz gemstone in white gold wire
Rhodochrosite heart pendant handmade jewelry

Specializing in unique wire wrapped jewelry
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Specializing in unique wire wrapped jewelry